Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reasons to Buy Directly from a Jewelry Designer

1. Especially now days, we are all looking for ways to save and spend our money more wisely. Compared to better department stores or online public jewelry lines, designers like myself almost always price our jewelry for less. We can offer discounts for multiple purchases and stand behind our work. If something breaks, we will fix it or replace it. If you lose an earring or a charm we can replace it. What store will help you get a replacement?
2. We do high quality workmanship, no mass production. We can tell you about the piece you are buying, the story behind our inspiration, what it is made from etc. You know what you are getting. Usually the piece you purchase is even more beautiful than pictured.
3. As a designer we are happy to adjust sizes to be customized just for you. Or make a design in a different color or add a different clasp, etc.
4. You don't need to worry about showing up at an event and finding others wearing the same jewelry as you. We don't mass produce. Our work is usually one of a kind or limited editions. However if you need to purchase earrings or necklaces for a bridal party, birthday, family reunion, etc. we are happy to accommodate your request. We love to create custom designs for you and can usually fix or redesign pieces you already have.
5. You don't just have to choose from what you see. You can ask for a different length or color. Prefer longer or shorter earrings? Just ask.
6. When you buy from a designer you form a more personal relationship than a catalog or dept. store clerk. We strive to make you a happy customer, and we hope you tell your friends.
7. We pride ourselves in doing quality work. You won't find jewelry from a department store that has had the time put into it as a designer puts into each piece we create. We shop for the beads and components, design the jewelry, price each item individually, photograph and load the photos along with writing a detailed discription of the jewelry into our online shops, prepare each piece for shipping. We don't make huge profits and most of us work from a space in our bedroom or family room but we love what we do. We adore your positive feedback because it is our goal to please our customers.


  1. You are absolutely correct!! I work hard on my designs!!

  2. Your jewelry is devine! I love it all, each and every piece and appreciate all of the work. I am a seed beader and I agree with your comments about handmade. I wish you blessings in your endeavor...sharon

  3. Great job on the sight....It is personal, funny, consice, and beautiful to look at....You are so talented....