Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stamping Tips

I discovered something I wanted to share with any one who may want to learn stamping techniques. I have found that Harbor Freight has the best prices for beginning stamp alphabet and numbers kits. I payed $5.98 for my first kit . Also get your anvil and hammer there. After getting more experience and making sure the items would sell, I bought a very expensive custom letter set that has a nice font and they come in a wonderful box that keeps the letters in place. The custom set has the letter on the side of the stamp that faces you when you stamp onto the blank.

I can't tell you how many blanks I ruined because a letter was stamped backwards. I took my cheap set and marked them with little stickers on the side that faces me so now I don't mess up and stamp letters backwards.

When learning be prepared to make a few mistakes. Write down the word you are stamping. Count the letters and start with the middle letter so your word will be centered then work from the center out.

To highlight your letters after stamping, dab on some acrylic paint over the letter with a q-tip and use your finger tip to fill the paint into each letter, then wipe off with a tissue.

If any one else has a tip to share I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dream Girl Beads

Calling all designers...
I've been busy with a new venture or maybe I should say "we" since my family is apart of my business. Last fall was birthed. Since the economy has changed the way we spend, more and more creative girls are designing their own jewelry and now I can be a part of supplying wonderful materials to aid your design dreams.
I'm now a authorized dealer of Trinity Brass Companies gorgeous new components. Much like Vintaj Natural Brass at a fraction of the cost and they offer antique silver and antique gold also with a vintage flair.
I'm still a fan of Vintaj and love visiting their design gallery for wonderful ideas and I also sell a huge assortment of Vintaj Natural Brass at DGB, plus Czech Glass beads and semi precious beads and my handwoven bird nests plus many wonderful treasures to spark your design dreams.
So please come visit and tell me what you think. I love your comments and suggestions!
A portion of sales goes to help orphans find a forever family too!!!